Friday, 12 September 2014

Siobhán's batty new friend!

Siobhán from room 18 brought in a baby bat for us to see.  Her Daddy found it.  Have a read at what she had to say:

I brought a baby bat to school today to show my friends in Room 18 and my Teacher Ms. O Hare.  My Daddy caught him.  We placed him in an old plastic container with holes in it so that he could breathe.  I brought him around the school to show him to the teachers and students. Some people thought he was cool and cute, others thought he was freaky.  After school I let him go free.

By Siobhan N. 3rd Class. Room 18.

Here is a picture of a bat.  Siobhán found out loads of interesting information on bats too.  Here are some batty facts for you:

(a) Bats can be as large as a small dog or as small as a bumblebee.. 
(b)  Bats can live up to 30 years.
(c) There are more than 1.000 bat species around the world.
(d) Bats come from two different groups - mega-bats and micro-bats.
(e) Bats are not likely to attack people or pets - PHEW!!!!!