Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Room 14's Biodiversity work

In room 14, we have been doing lots of work on biodiversity.  We learned about the life cycle of the frog.  The first stage is frogspawn, the second stage  is when they grow into tadpoles.  The third stage is when the tadpoles turn into frogs.  Frogs lay over 1,000 eggs but they don't all survive.

We also learned about the life cycle of butterflies.  The first stage is the egg that is laid under a leaf.  The second stage (which is called the eating stage) is when it turns into a caterpillar.  Their first meal is their own egg shell!! The next stage is called the chrysalis/pupa stage.  This is when the transformation occurs - the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.  This is known as metamorphosis. 

We are also learning about spring flowers and baby animals.  At this time of year, spring flowers begin to grow.  We learned about the daffodil, crocus, snowdrop and primrose. 

Baby animals are born in spring.  Other creatures that went into hibernation in winter are coming out of hibernation.  They are hungry and will be looking for food.  Birds are busy building their nests and laying eggs.  Birds that migrated last autumn return to Ireland again.

We hope you like our photographs.
By: Sarah and Aoibhinn

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